Historic Rosedale will reopen to the public in February 2021

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Holiday Season at Rosedale

Now that the holiday season is nearing, Historic Rosedale is readying the c. 1815 home for Christmas tours! We are excited to interpret some of the 20th century history of the home and will be decorating it as it would have looked circa 1945. We need your help to make our vision a reality! These […]

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Historic Rosedale has been a part of Charlotte’s history since 1815.  In those early days, it was three miles out of town. Today, it is an urban oasis that has survived the development around it.  Located on about 9 acres, the restored historic house, recreated blacksmith shop, and verdant and blooming gardens provide visitors an opportunity to experience a look back at life in earlier times, as well as an invitation to explore the grounds and our big tree museum.

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