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Extra Special Visitors

A week of extra special visitors. Every once in a while, we get visitors with a special connection to Historic Rosedale; descendants of enslaved or free African Americans with ties to the property or maybe locals who remember a particular party hosted by the Davidson sisters.  During the week of May 30th, we had two […]

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The Mission of Historic Rosedale Foundation is threefold: to educate, to preserve and to continue to build a more diverse and inclusive platform for interpretation. We shall: 1) Present an authentic view of five generations of the Frew, Caldwell and Davidson families, and the enslaved and free African Americans that lived and worked on the land; 2) Preserve and interpret the 1815 historic house and the surrounding buildings emphasizing the important role these white and black families held in Charlotte, NC; 3) Provide and maintain a peaceful green space with Treasure Trees, garden borders, native and heirloom plants within a highly developed urban corridor.

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