Choose an established program or let our curator of education bring her experience to work with your team for a customized experience.

Contact Allison Varriale at [email protected] for more details or to book your trip.
Programs subject to change due to availability of presenters.

Life on the Plantation

Experience life at Rosedale in the 1840’s with this 1.5 hour field trip. Explore “Heroic” medicine, attend class with a 19th century tutor, and see activities of daily living through the eyes of plantation inhabitants.

  • Integrated with Common Core and NC Essential Standards. 
  • Approved by the Arts and Science Council of Charlotte for booking with your school’s ASC block grant. (Must be booked by ASC deadline early October.)
  • Appropriate for grades 2-8. 
  • Booking now for 2016-2017 school year. 
  • $6 per child, maximum group size for one program day= 60. 

Hands-On History: Can You Dig It?

Dig like an archaeologist within the bounds of a 200 year old plantation and evaluate your findings. Examine the 1862 receipts for coffins of both master and slave. Come to Rosedale for a field experience or let the field come to your classroom with a traveling program. 

(currently only booking as a traveling program.)

  • Primary sources
  • Academic rigor/ Pre-AP
  • Grades 4 and up. 
  • Price and group numbers vary by program booked- contact [email protected] for more details.

Architecture: The Mathematical Art

Discover Rosedale’s architectural motifs and the math behind them. Your students will enjoy creating their own motifs as part of the experience.

  • Integrates best with geometry standards for grades 4 & 7.
  • Activities will be adapted by grade level.
  • $6 per child, maximum group size for one program day= one class.