The Rosedale story began when Archibald Frew arrived in Charlotte in the 1790’s with his sister Sarah. Where he came from and why he chose to relocate to Charlotte, NC we may never know. Both Archibald and Sarah found spouses in Charlotte, and Archibald prospered initially. He developed the 911 acre plantation known today as Rosedale, completing the Federal-style house in 1815. Sarah prospered as well. She married first Thomas Davidson, and after his death, his nephew William Davidson. She took the unusual step of demanding that William, six years her junior, sign the equivalent of a pre-nuptial agreement waiving his rights under NC law to assume all of her money and property. William’s star rose and he developed a successful cotton plantation and a political career leading all the way to Washington. Archibald Frew’s attempt at public service did not turn out as well. In fact, it became quite costly to his personal fortune. Take a tour of Rosedale and hear how Sarah’s money saved Rosedale from ruin and kept the plantation in the family for four more generations.