Our Trees

The placement of trees was very important. They enhanced the beauty of the house, provided shade and fencing, defined areas and walkways, and shielded undesirable vistas. They also provided lumber, food (fruit) and firewood.

Trees at Rosedale included maple (some of which were planted as early as 1855), oak, pecan, elm, ash, magnolia, etc. Other, more unusual trees included sassafras, mulberry, osage orange, Chinese parasol, yellow poplar, arborvitae, and swamp chestnut oak.

In the 1840s China opened its ports to world trade. This resulted in universal interest in China and products of China, such as silks, teas, jade, incense, perfumes, exotic woods, etc. David Thomas Caldwell invested in mulberries and silkworms during the Great Silkworm Experiment. Mulberry trees still exist at Rosedale to the east of the house and drive.