Check back with us soon for an updated list.  Below were the two projects we kicked off with Project2give and saw an overwhelming response. 

Past Power2Give PROJECTS

Help us treasure our Treasure Trees!

Historic Rosedale, while only 2 miles from the center of Charlotte, is home to 8 acres of green space and several of the oldest or largest "treasure" trees in all of Mecklenburg County. Help other Treasure Trees avoid the tragedy that befell a Treasure Sassafras Tree when it was struck by lightning in 2001. When it was cut down the arborist who had tried to save it counted 203 rings. He said it was the biggest Sassafras he had seen in more than 30 years of arborist work.

A red maple was lost in July due to a lightning strike, and the poplar in the photo was severely damaged in the same strike. Thanks to donors like you, we already have enough funds to outfit one tree with lightning protection! One of our most special trees, dug from the banks of the Congaree River in SC, arrived at Rosedale in 1894 in a burlap sack as a gift to the family. Not indigenous, we believe it has survived because there is an underground spring.

This tree also needs adequate lightning protection. It will cost $1,200 to provide the materials and installation for the lightning protection this tree needs.

Please continue to help us until all of these treasures are protected!

Makea Difference   

Help Historic Rosedale provide unique experiences for CMS students!

Thanks to an innovative partnership between ASC and various cultural sites, approximately 2,000 CMS third-graders will once again come to Historic Rosedale to experience life on an antebellum plantation at no cost to the students. Students will meet Dr. Caldwell, owner of the plantation, as well as Cherry, one of the slaves on the plantation, and Miss Frew, the governess.

What great fun we have had in the past as students jockey for the coveted position of "wearer of the dunce cap" in Miss Frew's classroom! We want to improve this program by making it more hands-on and enabling children to try on clothing and handle reproductions of 19th century artifacts.

Specifically, we hope to purchase several sets boys' and girls' dress and everyday clothing along with appropriate undergarments for $672. (Prices are based on current prices of sutlers online.) Personal items 19th century children would have owned such as combs, tooth powder and lye soap will also be purchased for a total of $58. Reproductions of school supplies and toys for the children to use are estimated at $299.40.

Makea Difference