Celebrating Camellias



Celebrating Camellias | 03.10.2012

Celebrate Camellias at Historic Rosedale

This is the peak of Camellia season.

Two Opportunities:

First: 10:30 – 11:30 am Larry Mellichamp, botanist from UNC Charlotte Botanical garden will present informal program on camellias. Come see the different flower styles and colors, look at plants in the Rosedale garden, learn about planting, growing and enjoying the South’s favorite winter flowering shrub. Easy to grow in this region, not fussy about soil. Can take light shade or part sun. Different varieties bloom at different times so that you can have colorful flowers from October until April first.

1:00-200 pm, Matt Hunter, President of the American Camellia Society will present informal program on camellia enjoyment and culture. Come see dozens of colorful camellia flowers, find out about how to grow them, prune them, enjoy them. Come with questions. This will be informal gathering with Matt Hunter and Larry Mellichamp.

Meet at the Rosedale office patio.
These are in conjunction with The Charlotte Camellia Society’s annual camellia flower show and plant sale; open to the public from 1-5 pm each day Saturday and Sunday March 10 & 11 – Free and open to the public. At Black Lion at 10605 Park Road.