Summer Solstice Experience



Summer Solstice Experience | 06.21.2018

Summer Solstice Experience
Thursday, June 21
8:00-9:30 PM

June 21, 2018 will be the first Summer Solstice Experience hosted by Historic Rosedale. This time honored ritual has transpired in many ways for thousands of years around the globe. On solstice, the sun reaches its northernmost point and throughout time, the year's longest span of daylight has been marked by many different cultures in a variety of ways. This celebration will focus on rituals of the Native American Cherokee tribe.

Led by Reiki Master and Cherokee Shaman descendant Faye Wright, the ceremony will honor the four directions, heaven and earth. The evening will include an intimate session (no more than 12 participants) on how to cleanse yourself and your personal space with sage through the art of “smudging.” Participants will form a circle for the actual celebration ritual of cleansing and renewal for the approaching summer season. A connection between the heavens and earth, and grounding participants for their greater purpose in the cosmos is part of this unique celebration. Each participant will leave with some blessed sage for their future use.

Whether you think of it as a way to be grounded for a new season, the start of summer, an opportunity for cleansing, or just to participate in a unique ceremony on the longest day of the year; it is certainly a celebration of the season. Come cleanse and balance spiritual, seasonal, emotional and physical energies with Faye!
We encourage you to purchase your reservation early, we expect a sell out. 

Celebration starts at 8pm. Please arrive no later than 7:40.
PLEASE NOTE: Gate closes at 7:45. Advance registration required!

$50.00 per person 

* Event rain or shine, no refunds. (In case of rain this will take place in the blacksmith shop)