Paranormal House Investigation



Paranormal House Investigation | 10.27.2018

Paranormal House Investigation Saturday, October 27
Check in: 9:30pm
Event time: 10:00-12:00pm
Cost: $85.00* per person

Join professional ghost hunters as they take groups of no more than 8 guests through the 4 floor, 200 year old plantation house, now known as Rosedale and attempt contact with the beyond. You will use the latest technology in partnership with the Charlotte Area Paranormal Society. Their team will lead the investigation. Please wear flat, quiet comfortable shoes and bring a small twist top flashlight. You never know what you may find... or what may find you! After the recent roof project we hope there will be more "activity."

*Plus 7.25% sales tax. Advance reservations required. Event rain or shine. No Refunds.