Ghost Walk on the Grounds- Oct. 27



Ghost Walk on the Grounds- Oct. 27 | 10.27.2012

Guests will be greeted under the Swamp Chestnut Oak in the back of the property where your tour will begin. You will walk the grounds under Ancient Trees and travel the paths of the long deceased. Experiences have happened in the gardens, will you be next? Hear the 1st hand accounts from volunteers and staff of apparitions, voices, footsteps....and???

Some believe former inhabitants still reside at Rosedale and many believe they visit and visit often. The tour begins under the Swamp Chestnut near the area where the slave quarters stood. You will walk the steps of those who worked, lived, and died here. Will you meet anyone who visits after death? Paranormal activity in the spooky basement

What will you see . . . or who will you hear? Could it be Elbert, the “conjure man” or Archibald, the ill-fated original owner? Walk under ancient trees with your guide and have an opportunity to speak with the Charlotte Paranormal Society at their special destination spot on site. (actual footage and audio from inside Rosedale will be on hand)

Online advance reservations only.

The 8pm Tour is SOLD OUT!

No refunds. $15.00 per person - Bring a flashlight. Cameras are allowed.
Limited to 20 people at each time slot (6pm or 8pm) Rain or Shine ... please note, all reservation purchases are nonrefundable

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