Bob Rogers, Author of First Dark Signing!



Bob Rogers, Author of First Dark Signing! | 03.08.2014

Bob Rogers, author of First Dark: 

A Buffalo Soldier’s Story will be on hand to sign copies of his newest book: Hitting Life’s Curveballs, A Novel of Love, Class and Race. 

Multiple Dates: 


About Bob Rogers

Bob Rogers is an author, entrepreneur, past IBM intrapreneur, speaker, and volunteer Infor-mation Technology instructor. Bob is a former army captain, paratrooper, and combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a member of the 9th and 10th (Horse) Cavalry Association. His Alma Mater is South Carolina State University.

Bob and his wife tend their spring and fall gardens in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Works by Bob Rogers:

  •  The Laced Chameleon (a novel)
  • First Dark: A Buffalo Soldier’s Story (a novel)
  • Hitting Life’s Curveballs (a novel)
  • Sacrifice at Shiloh Church (a novelette)
  • Buffalo Soldier Christmas Story (a short story)
  • Lieutenant Flipper’s Trial (a one act mini-play)
  • Next: Time Was (a novel set in early 20th century America and Europe)