Chocolate and Flowers for Valentines

People have been savoring chocolate since 2,000 BC. In past times, it was called the “Food of the Gods”. Dr. Larry Mellichamp will discuss how chocolate, once only available to the upper class, became so popular, as well as how it evolved over the years from 1600 to colonial times to now. As you visit […]

Road Closures this Saturday

Saturday, Janruary 19th from 7 am – 9:30 am there will be a 15k marathon with road closures on North Davidson and Plaza Midwood.  North Tryon WILL BE OPEN, however even after the marathon is over there still may be some roads closed that could affect your travel to Rosedale.

Fragmented History Series: Bits & Pieces

Starting January 17th through March 17th come for a special exhibit at our 3:00 tours! Join us in a special look at Pottery & Ceramics of Rosedales history. The exhibit includes Catawba glaze pots and archaeological materials that have rarely been seen on display. See some of the items found during archaeology digs on this […]